In this site, you will find many different ways of becoming more and more fluent, sophisticating your language and not getting stuck when talking to someone by learning words, expressions, phrasal verbs, understanding verb tenses, and other English structures with FUN! Because Learning is fun.

MC Drops

MC Drops are short videos explaining how the same expression can be used in different ways having a literal meaning and a completely different one.

Playing with language!

In this page you’ll get to know why I chose this name for the site, who I am and a little of my route so far.

Learning is fun!

In this page you will find comics, videos, stories, links to apps to work with words, some explanation about learning and what else is fun to learn with.


A aulas sao personalizadas de acordo com a necessidade do aluno, sempre inovando nas atividades. Focada em melhorar o desempenho nas aulas e tambem nas tarefas de casa. Excelente professora!

Marina Simões

I would like to say that my teacher DoCarmo is very very interested in the learning of her students. She presents very interesting material to foster learning. She has a high level of teaching English and she accpets the level of the student and always finds a way to make understanding easier for her students. I love to have classes with her because she never gives up any student.

Fernanda Simões

MC is an exceptional teacher, objective and very didactic, always focused on searching for interesting activities, specific to the student’s level. Thus giving tools for the student to develop their learning and fixation in an easier way, associating to the activities of everyday life that can be immediately applyed.

Denise Maróstica

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